2018 Spring - TBD (Three Beach Dudes)

2017 Spring - Who Darted

2017 Fall - Armed and Hammered

2016 Spring - Castlebar

2016 Fall - Green Red NeXXX

2015 Spring  - Can Am

2015 Fall - Who Darted

2014 Spring - Who Darted

2014 Fall - Can Am

2013 Spring Can Am

2013 Fall - Castlebar

2012 Spring - Who Darted

2012 Fall - The Hillmen

2011 Spring - Goon Squad (McBride Tankard) and Team 413 (Fernandes Cup)

2011 Fall - The New Dude Irish Brood (McBride Tankard) and Team Kiltie (Fernandes Cup)

2010 Spring - The Hillmen (McBride Tankard) and TBD (Fernandes Cup)

2010 Fall - Allys Angels (McBride Tankard) and Timeless (Fernandes Cup)

2009 Spring - Allys Angels

2009 Fall - Coffey's Crew (McBride Tankard) and Dry Heaves (Fernandes Cup)

2008  Spring - Team 802

2008 Summer - Team Kiltie

2008 Fall - Team 802


The Thursday Night Dart League was started in January of 2008 and has held forth each Thursday for  winter and spring seasons. No damage has been caused to any furniture (even with a glass display between the boards) and no one has been seriously injured (only their pride).



The league is designed for three-person teams, who play best-of-three competitions (a game of cricket, a game of 501 and another game of either) on a rotating basis (two players per team per game). Substitutes can be used upon board approval, and there are substitutes available from the league. There are two games played at a time for three hour-long sessions at 630, 730 and 830.


Realizing that having fun is good and all, the league also realized winning is fun, too, and divided the league into divisions, classified by finishes. The season is made of interdivision play (two points a win for the Fernandes Division member), but the finals are run by division. A relegation system is in place as well. So if you're unsure of your ability, we have a division just for you.


The cost is $30 per team, per league season.



The league begins a fall session in September and runs to early December. It then breaks for the holidays and resumes the first Thursday after New Year's Day to run for a 10 week winter session (just before St Patrick's!).



Anyone can join the league: club member or non-member, parent or child, teen or adult, male or female, beginner or expert, drinker or teetotaler (tho teetotalers are in the distinct minority!). There is serious competition, but the goal of the league is to have fun, and in that, it succeeds rather nicely.


There's always room for more! For information and queries, contact Adam: Or call the club on Thursday nights!




Although a new addition to the many activities of the OReilly Club, the league has made several generous contributions to same.

  • scholarship committee ad
  • Annual hole sponsorship for the JBO/Sons of Erin golf tournament
  • Spfld. Kiltie Band ad
  • purchase of a brick for the front walk

In addition to this, we run up enormous bar tabs every Thursday night!



The league seeks to be a vital and considerate part of the club “family”, where having fun is part of helping out.


“All you need is one good arm and one good eye.”

Paul Ritchie
(creator of the bull's eye)


For more photos and up-to-date information, check out our FaceBook Page:…