Membership in the John Boyle O'Reilly Club is available to anyone of Irish descent. There is a $75 fee charged for joining; once a member, annual dues are $60.00. (Please be sure to have your sponsor sign and, if you need to, have him/her help you procure two more members as references -- a complete application means no delays)


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For those who are NOT of Irish descent, the John Boyle O'Reilly Club has an Associate Membership. An Associate Member is considered to be a full Member with all benefits and responsibilities, but unable to run for a position of Club Officer.

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And we want you to join!

You need to be of Irish descent. It’s just about that easy. More details are on the application (link above).

What reasons are there to join?

For us, we want access to your skills, your willingness to volunteer, your ideas for a better and thriving Club!

For you, the second you say "I do", you are considered a Member of worth, same as the person swearing you in.

You are entitled to several Member discounts. The great fun on St Patrick’s Day and Parade Day (come march with us!) are free at the door for you. The beautiful spacious White Rose Hall is available at a great Member’s price for your personal events. You can reserve space downstairs, behind the bar area, for smaller events. (Sing Happy Birthday and no doubt the bar patrons will add their voices!)

There are discounts on various Club bus trips and other outings.

You are able to join any of several Committees that generate the ideas and activities and special events that make this Club so exceptional.

More importantly, you have a say in the running of the Club: vote, run for office, speak up at Membership Meetings, join Committees. The Club understands that the active participation of each member is the key to our success.

We also have a warm, welcoming pub, as anyone in Western Mass can tell you. Join the good times.

But we are more than a bar; we want your children to see us as a fun place to visit. Is there anything more important to the Irish than family? Not much there isn’t. We have kids’ parties and an annual visit from Santa Claus, among other events.

Not only that, but the cachet of being a John Boyle member is not a minor perk! We are one of the oldest Irish clubs in New England and strive to maintain our hallowed reputation. Should you wear Club gear to most any Irish-themed event anywhere, strangers are bound to smile, tell you "I know that place!" and ask after friends.

Presidents, Governors, Senators and Congressmen have visited us. Gerry Adams made it a point to stop in. The Heavyweight Boxing Champ of the world has crossed our threshold. The Bruins, U2, the Saw Doctors: all guests of our Club. Join us to become part of Irish-American history.

When you want Irish in Western Mass, you want the John Boyle O'Reilly Club.

And we want you. Click on the link and fill out the Application Form today.


Activities and Events updated electronically and via newsletter constantly

Abridged list of our event/activities:

  • Irish dance lessons – all levels
  • Irish session weekly – join in or come tap your toes
  • Irish bands on Friday nights – listen to your local favourites with a pint and good company
  • Free Bagpipe/drumming lessons available, courtesy our partners in the famed Springfield Kiltie Band
  • Dart Night on Thursdays – party league
  • Scholarship – available to children and grand children of full members
  • Irish céilí – live music, lessons available for newbies
  • Members Supper monthly – delicious and popular
  • Irish Breakfast monthly – heaping servings
  • Trivia Night monthly – show us what you know
  • Pitch Night


And of course, bands and to-dos beyond belief yearly:

  • Music Festival – bands, vendors, food, drink, hours of entertainment
  • Jimmy Buffett Night – Thanksgiving Eve festivity
  • JBORC/Sons of Erin Golf Tournament – tee it up with our friendly rivals to the west (we have our own Members Tournament, too!)
  • Kids Halloween party and a visit from Santa – we are a family club with a number of kids’ activities


As well, the Club has a Community Outreach attitude.

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Keep Springfield Beautiful
  • Springfield Flag Raising

It’s active, it’s fun, it’s Irish through and through. It’s the John Boyle O'Reilly Club. Join now. Fáilte!

PROCEDURE:  All applicants for membership are referred to the Membership Committee. Upon review and approval by the Committee, the applicant’s name is submitted to the Board of Directors. When accepted by the Board, the applicant is announced to the Membership at a regular meeting for final approval. The applicant will receive a notice from the Secretary advising him/her to appear at a Membership Meeting and acknowledge his/her acceptance. At this time, the applicant will receive his/her membership card and be sworn in.