PLEASE NOTE DATE CORRECTION to the 15th!!!! (gabh mo leithscéal ó croí! humble apologies)

You'd like to know some Irish but aren't sure it's for you? Afraid maybe it's too hard? Don't want to dive in deep and would prefer to dip your toe? Ná bíodh imní oraibh! Don't you worry!

We're offering an extremely basic introduction to the Irish language (simple greetings, pronunciations, simple grammar), with no lessons, no homework, no exams, no fee. We're hoping to whet your appetite to pursue a more formal pursuit of an Teanga Beo, the living language, Irish Gaelic.

First session (notice we don't even call it a class) is tonight at 6.30pm upstairs

Text 231.7033 to let us know you're coming (drop ins welcome, but we'd like to size it up!)

Go raibh maith agaibh! Feicfimid sibhse ansin!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021