SOLD OUT!!!! Boston John Boyle Gravesite visit/Sam Adams Brewery/Boston Pubs

Event Date:

Sat May 20, 2017



Event Details:

JBO Graveside Boston Bus Tour

Visit the Gravesite of John Boyle O'Reill at Holyhood Cemetery for a memorial ceremony followed by a stop at the Sam Adams Brewery  for a tour of the facility then it's off to Faneuil Hall where you'll be dropped off for the afternoon for a day of shopping and fun

King Ward Bus

$40.00 pp (gratuity and tour included!) 

Planned Itinerery

John Boyle O’Reilly Grave Site/Sam Adams Brewery and Faneuil Hall

Bus Trip Leave JBO 8:00 AM (2:00)

Arrive Holyhood Cemetary 10:00 AM

Ceremony (0:45)

Leave Holyhood Cemetary (10:45 AM) 


Arrive Sam Adams Brewery 

Tour (1:15) Misc. (0:30)

Leave Sam Adams Brewery (1:15 PM)


Arrive Faneuil Hall Boston (2:00 PM)


Leave Faneuil Hall Boston (6:00 PM)


Arrive John Boyle O’Reilly Club (8:00 PM)