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new website

Just want to add a quick note that the new website looks great!

The calendar is certainly more pleasing to the eye. Kudos to Bill Quinn for doing a terrific job.

And the discussion forum is a great idea. I hope members take advantage of this new opportunity to trade ideas and viewpoints (even if we can't swear or call people names). I know a lot of people might be intimidated or a little bit shy about stating their opinions on the direction of the club in person, so hopefully, they find this outlet more to their liking.

There's yet to be a suggestion box put up; let's use this as a virtual one. If Ann Baker makes a particularly delicious breakfast, why not post it? If you heard a great Irish band somewhere, why not sing their praises (maybe add a link)? If it's too late to have something put in the newsletter, this could be a place to let people know. If you'd like to pass condolences or congratulations along, again: why not here? If you want to type and type and prattle on (like this!), I guess you could do it here, as well.

I'm sure the rest of you have even better ideas about how to use this format. I'd like to read them.


I love the club, it's too bad that I can't spend more time at it due to family priorities. I think the club is moving in the right direction under the leadership of Eric Devine. We do need to make some cosmetic changes and have younger members bring some new ideas to the table and veteran members to do the same. I love the club and want it to thrive. Next time I post I will be more selective with my words and choose them wisely. I think some people misunderstood and I am sorry for that. I will respond to the statement that I don't know anything about my Irish Heritage, music...Listen, both my grandparents came straight from Ireland, my father is 1st generation Irish-American, and I was brought up in the values and traditions that have made me whom I am today. Be very careful when you respond to people's posts. Lastly, hope that you and I never have to converse about the extent of your knowledge of your Irish Heritage, Irish History (in general), music, art, politics...Questions to assess your Irish History knowledge:
Who was the leader of the original I.R.A (not the terror cell, the group that staged the uprising better known as "the Easter Rising" you know the group that derived from the Irish Volunteers).
Question two: What did they take over during the Easter Rising?
Question three: How long did the Irish War of Independence last and what were the years?
Answer these questions and I will have more for you tomorrow!

On a positive note

I am proud to be a member of the John Boyle O’ Reilly club. It has been an excellent outlet for this “30 something” with a lot of great activities. I have to say that there are almost too many activities to participate in. Weather it be the hard work that goes into both the Music festival and St Patrick’s season planning and execution, Saturday night trivia, Thursday night dart league, Saturday afternoon road bowling in the park, Wednesday night pitch league, traditional dancing on at least 3 days a week, Monday night Kiltie Band, youth sports teams, Saturday afternoon round table history discussions, packed house bachelor suppers and wonderful Sunday morning monthly breakfast. I also can’t forget the great local music that the club has every Friday night and at various other events.

The club has been a like a second home and a surrogate family. It has also been a true cultural treasure chest. All you have to do is look around and participate. Unfortunately in these uncertain times, society as a whole has reverted to the “what’s in it for me” or “self preservation” mentality. So, participation and membership in any additional extra caricular activities like the club may appear down. But in actuality it is that way everywhere. I myself tend to look at it the other way. In the current times I look at the club as a sanctuary and a worthy escape. A club not as concerned with membership numbers, but rather, one that is more concerned with the quality and variety of their programs and activities.

We all share a common ground “Our Irish Heritage”. I do look forward to increased future participation from our current members and also embrace any person (any age) interested in joining and promoting their proud culture.

Finally, I would also like to give kudos to our leadership, both past and present. There commitment to working toward being a successful cultural organization is truly appreciated.

Ni neart go cur le chéile

There is no strength without unity

Paul Ritchie

beyond ard mhacha

i'm a little tired, too, of people saying bring the youth in we need more kids which is good if they're interested in the club and keeping tradition, NOT if they want to get drunk and party. like ard mhacha says, downtown for that
I even hear people say they get tired of the irish music all the time. Why do they belong to an Irish club then? but for all the complaining ard mhacha does and while it may be justified, he doesn't offer solutions or suggestions.
Does the club need more people pointing out faults or does it need more people who want to constructively build it back to what it supposedly used to be?
I guess i'm guilt of that too right now. What exactly is wrong with the club and how do you fix/change it?

My own two cents

My name is Ryan Fleming, a new member to the club. So far I have only been to the club to fill out the application. I'm 22 years old and I love traditional irish music. Every Friday night at the Harp in Amherst there is a traditional Seisiun (when traditional irish music is played, usually in a pub). I would be more than happy to lend my insight on how to possibly fix this problem.

The club should not be a place to get drunk and party, but a place to have a chat, make new friends, listen to great music and have a couple of pints.

Monthly Meeting on Schedule?

The site is starting to get better. Some things are still weak and look like we just learned about websites. How about pictures of the hall and kitchen. An interactive site with members email addrs. and pictures of the bar...We need to attract a younger crowd and this is what they are looking for. Pictures from all our events...a who's 20 night and who's 30...

to superpatsfan

If this is your suggestion to increase participation and membership at the Club you'd be better off going to nightclubs downtown. You probably weren't brought up with Irish traditions, culture, music, dance, etc. so it's really not your fault that you have such an immature outlook upon the situation. Sadly, you don't see that the real problem is that the current leaders can't retain the membership that they once had. I have witnessed a steady decline in attendance at the Christmas Party and Installation as well as a few other functions that were always well attended but many folks get sick and tired of the nonsense that goes on and the way that they have been treated by some of the employees. I've been around for many years and I'm sorry to say that I think it has seen better days but getting a handful of youngsters to join is not going to save it for the answer is/was in preserving the strong member base and tradition that has been cultivated through the years.


That might be true, but getting youthful members would definitely be helpful. Ones that are interested in their heritage and that are willing to learn/ spread their knowledge to others.

If by nonsense you mean the partying wise then that should be handled by the upper tier of the club.