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Two dozen members of the club traveled out to Newton to pay tribute to our club's namesake early in September. The date had no historical relevance.

A ten-foot boulder sits atop his grave, at least so much as wide, with a plaque of his likeness and his birthplace on display there. It is shadowed by a pine and overlooks the rest of the cemetery.

We laid a wreath there, so, and the President of the club spoke a few words. One of OReilly's poems was read. The national anthems of OReilly's two nations, American and Irish, were sung by all in attendance.

All were silenced by the power and beauty of his commemoration, the boulder, the beautiful day. A few quick photos were taken and all stepped reverently away from the site.

It was a brief and humble ceremony, in contrast to the boisterous and proud man whom we honored.

We were done proud; OReilly will never be forgotten.

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