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JBO Road Bowling Club

Road Bowling results from Tuesday July 14th.

Location: Blunt Park - Springfield, MA

1. Neil McGillicuddy - 11 Bowls

2. Tom Feeley - 12 Bowls (try a little more oomph next time!)

3t. Bill Cournoyer - 13 bowls (watch out for that tree!)

3t. James Feeley - 13 bowls

5. Pat Brosnan - 14 bowls

6. Tom Mathews - 15 bowls (went well until he hit the fence) 

7. Judi Cournoyer - 16 bowls

The JBO Road Bowling Club donated $50.00 for an ad in the program for the North American regional All Ireland qualifiers being held in West Virginia during the weekend of August 7-8-9th.

Jimmy "BB", huh? New course

Jimmy "BB", huh? New course record don't mean new name, son.

Results form September 26

Saturday September 26th
Blunt Park

James (Jimmy BB) Feeley - 9 bowls (Course record)
Tom (Stud Muffin)Feeley - 11 bowls
Neil McGillicuddy - 12 bowls
Pat (Glider)Brosnan - 13 bowls
Tom(Tommy Gun) Matthews - 13 bowls

Results from September 8th

Location: Blunt Park

Top Three Finishers only!

1. Neil McGillicuddy - 12 bowls
2. Pat "Glider" Brosnan - 13 bowls
3. Tom "Stud Muffin" Feeley - 13 bowls

Results from September 1st

A tight round of Road Bowling lead to a three way tie resulting in the need to have Tom Matthews and Pat Brosnan having to have a one bowl, longest distance playoff.

1st Place - Tommy "Gun" Matthews - 12 bowls (winner in distance throw off)
1st Place (tie) - Pat "Glider" Brosnan - 12 bowls
1st Place (tie) - James Feeley - 12 Bowls
4th place - Tom "Stud Muffin" Feeley - 13 bowls
5th place - Eamonn Burke - 14 bowls

Results from Tuesday August 25

Location: Blunt Park - Springfield, MA

Top Three Finishers

1. Tom Feeley - 11 bowls

2. James Feeley - 12 bowls

3. Pat Brosnan - 13 bowls

road bowling friendly

We just come back from an Irish Road Bowling friendly up to Bennington VT, where the State Line Irish Road Bowlers (check out their website) graciously hosted us to a bowl in the rolling hills of the Green Mountain State.

Nice to see the level of involvement up there: a dozen guys, but maybe only two or three of Irish descent!