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favorite irish cds

here's what could be a less volatile subject than most although with the irish, nothing should be taken for granted.
i'd like to hear members' favorite record of irish music (cd, i mean, sorry about the age give-away), whether traditional or modern, poguesy type. i'm curious what people listen to and if there are some i don't know and might like to.
i'll start with an obvious one: i think that "irish heartbeat" by van morrison and the chieftains is not only a great irish record, but a great record period. this is the one i would give to anyone who would ask me, for whatever reason, which irish album to start with. the chieftains have been around so long and play so well, there's no fault to be found with their playing and/or arrangements. as for van morrison, i'm a little prejudiced as a big fan, but i've never heard him sound so lively or even so happy before.
i know some people don't like lists, either, so write a post saying you don't, and here i go in no particular order
- if i should fall from grace with god (pogues)
- tóg é go bog é (kíla)
- otherworld (lúnasa)
- live at carnegie hall (clancy bros/tommy makem)
- the céilí bandits
- a celebration of 50 years (tulla céilí band)
- loboville (greenland whalefishers)
- planxty
- give us a penny...(téada)

anyone? anyone? bueller?

Let's see... The Dutchman -

Let's see...

The Dutchman - Liam Clancy
All the Way from Tuam - The Saw Doctors
Same 'Oul Town - The Saw Doctors
The Makem and Clancy Collection - Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy

For more than that I'd have to dig through iTunes. All my music is rpetty much on my computer, so I mix and match songs from random groups and albums quite a bit.

Irish Music

I'm a big fan of Irish music from the more traditional bands such as The Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers to some of the more modern such as Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. I also think the Corrs do a great cover of Spancil Hill.