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Famine Food Drive

The Famine Food Drive is a great idea!!! I'm happy to see people already talking it up at the club. Nice to see the Club continue it involvment with the community. We are looking forward to working helping out at the Keep Springfield Beautiful campaign this year as well! What a difference it made in our own back yard.

remember to bring food Friday

remember to bring food Friday when you come to see 7 Nations!


We of the Thursday Night Dart League sent a supplication to our members to bring in a can each for the worthy Open Pantry, and were met with a great response, and those that forgot (rather shamefacedly) will indeed remember to bring a can next week.
So we upstarts challenge all the other group activities in the club to bring in a can apiece.
Dancers, pipers, card sharks...we're talking to you!
If you're lucky enough to be able to help, you should help.