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Comedy Night

Comedy Night has come and gone... A fine job by the 4 comedians; most of them were on their "A" game.

Burgers and Dogs were a nice compliment and cheap too!

The crowd was sparse only about 35 people but the club made a little money. So that's good.

People have been suggesting a comedy night at the club for a few years now so I am not sure why the turnout was so small; It was on the web-site, announced on the radio shows, publicized at the club and brought up at the meeting.

Nice job to Tom Hayes for organizing the event along with help from the usual cast of charactors... Tomas, Paul, Gloria and Michele. Thanks to everyone who helped with the clean up.

Lots of good stuff coming up...

Cheeseburger in Paradise night - JBO Variety Show - Xmas Dinner - Fashion show - Trivia - Round Tables just to name a few

Come on out, have a good time and support the club.





Great Job!

Great Job by all who helped put together the comedy night.  The performers kept you laughing the entire time.  Looking forward to the next one.