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Ard Mhacha

First I would like to compliment you on taking an active roll in the club. By your over whelming knowledge of club actives and happenings one would have to assume that you spend a lot of time in the organization. Although I can sympathize with "some" of your remarks I find it hard to believe that you can't find something positive within the walls of our home. Maybe you have just had a streak of bad luck every time you go down to the club but it doesn’t seem possible that all you experiences are "doom and gloom". You should consider speaking with the Board, Officers, or President about your concerns. They always have an open mind will listen to your issues. I think that your constant attack on problems at the Club is not helping anything... if fact only making it worse. Someone as dedicated and caring about the club as yourself should try to make a difference and I can't see how advertising your concerns in a forum will help without offering any solution. There are a lot of hardworking people from Committee Chairs to Managers to Board of Directors to Members who spend countless hours trying to move the club forward... and I feel that they have made leaps and bounds in recent years. You have a million events to choose from, a new kitchen, sprinkler system, Youth Gaelic Football Program, Famine Food Drive, participation in the Springfield Pancake Breakfast and Keep Springfield Beautiful, Irish Round Tables, a growing membership, membership orientation process, Brick Fundraiser, Dart League, Major Fundraising Campaigns (golf tournament & Irish Hours benefit), collaboration with all the other surrounding Irish Organizations, and local politicians, partnerships with Opa Opa for our amazing festival, outstanding Friday Night entertainment, Variety Show, Mr. JBO, house cleaning events, State Houses visits, pub crawl, continued success of the radio program, sponsorships of softball teams, cosmetic updates to the downstairs bar, and countless other efforts that I could list which happening daily or are in the works. I can see where a sticky floor might be justified if it happened every day lets be honest… this is not the case. Often email or forums can come across as an attack or someone trying to instigate a fight but this is not my stance. I truly support anyone willing to speak their mind but not when they fail to offer any solution to the problem. Again, I would encourage you to speak with the Board about your issues and offer YOUR assistance in correcting some of the problems you currently have with the Club.

We should be reminded that these discussion forums are to BENEFIT the Club. Many of the posts I have read thus far have failed to meet those expectations. Some have contained the substance this board was created for such as acknowledgement to Bill for the website update, or announcement of the Famine Food Drive, or your Entertainment Updates, or offered constructive criticism. There is not a single Club, establishment, or organization which will satisfy everyone who is involved, but let’s try to WORK and SUPPORT each other to solve some of the concerns people share, even the tough ones.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day… Hope you all make it up to the club over the Holiday.