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To 1759: It's time to take your blinders off

To 1759:

No, I have never expected to be treated like royalty anywhere that I go, that’s just not my speed. As for firing everyone that I don’t personally like, that’s a bit dramatic don’t you think? It’s okay though 1759 because my previous post was quite sarcastic so I was due a good payback here. Actually, I do like the majority of people who work at the Club but some can be rude and ignore customers at various times. I think that it would be in everyone’s best interest to act a bit more professionally while being paid to do so and some need to realize that they’re not at a college keg party while they’re serving alcohol to others. (Just because you personally like someone doesn’t mean that you should have blinders on). If you have never witnessed any of this behavior let me congratulate you because you’re one of the few. I know a very nice gentleman who was a member for over thirty years and did not renew his membership due to the ill manner in which he and his guests were treated by a bartender and by another patron who had too much to drink.

As for the cleanliness problem, I was upstairs at a function a couple of weeks ago and the men’s room was filthy. My son-in-law made a few remarks about it as well so I know that I’m not the only person who noticed this. I never told the bartender because that’s not his job to clean the bathroom and even though I’m a member, I don’t think that I should have to excuse myself from family and friends to wash the floor and clean urinals thank you very much.

Some employees look the other way when a member/patron has had too much to drink. I’ve witnessed one person in particular who regularly becomes nasty and argumentative and has caused others to leave the premises. How is it handled? It’s not. I could go on and on but you get the gist. Employees who consistently serve someone who is visibly intoxicated should be reprimanded and dealt with accordingly, it’s our license that’s in jeopardy and if we lose it for any reason, we’re sunk. Besides, do we want to be responsible for any innocent person being hurt? Do we really want all of that negative publicity?

Instead of calling my comments here “nitpicking” please view this post as constructive criticism. It’s time to open your eyes; we’re losing members, money, and we’ve just sunk over sixty thousand dollars in to a kitchen that doesn’t work properly. As far as I can tell there hasn’t been any money raised over the past few years to offset any new projects (never mind a pavilion when we can’t even fill the hall upstairs or make a decent profit on our bar). You can be a cheerleader all you want my friend but I can see the forest for the trees and the truth and future aren’t pleasant.

This is my last post on the subject, I have said all that needed to be addressed here.

hold on a moment there!

Well, I believe your last sentence might have ended "..I have said all that I needed to address here." Fine.

The thought about mopping up was...I don't know, a metaphor?...for seeing something you thought needed being done and then doing it. Don't run around with a broom when you should be sharing your thoughts on the game with a few friends. That's not good and even I, the blinkered fool, wouldn't do that.

Constructive criticism might have been "there needs be a formal system put in place wherein patrons/members can lodge complaints to the bar manager about unprofessionalism by barmen, with a series of demerits and commendations, with proper action taken when agreed-on paramaters are reached." I'm not advocating that, but that might be better reading than anecdotal evidence that things can go wrong. Who can argue that things aren't perfect? Not me.

The overserved? Problem immemorial. I'm sure from our side of the bar, the decision is easy. I'm also sure if a fella's shut off, he has a buddy who'll sneak him just one more. Due vigilance is called for, surely. What the answer is, I don't know.

Money problems? Well, we were state-mandated to spend all kinds of money on the sprinkler system and the contractor gave us problems that were supposedly addressed about the kitchen. It was a rainy day and the rainy day funds were used (that's why they're called...). And I believe the number of members is announced at the meetings (or it used to be), and it wasn't going down. I don't know for sure, it's extremely possible I dozed off at that point.

I don't want you to stop pointing out where the club has problems. But I'd like you to offer ideas on how to correct them. Okay? Friends?

Like for instance: what's up with that jukebox? Far as I know, it still works. This might seem a minor quibble (well, no, it is a minor quibble), but why is it there? Far as I can see, it's a space waster. Here's my idea: set the volume at a level that doesn't interfere with TV volume (there's gotta be one) set it there permanently, and leave it free to play while people play cards or throw darts or have 40th birthday parties. The money it brings in is negligible (I'll pay five bucks a month to keep it on, if you want) and it might make the club a less lonely place where the drone of a television is the only background noise.

A lighter subject, yes. But how we do tend to go on and on and on....

Universal Problems

on their cd almost irish, the band ceann na caca has a song called denny's about a dingy bar in south oakland. there's a verse about the bartenders there and it goes

'there's gene and mike and curt / and the other guy / they're all real nice / except the other guy'
maybe put the record in the jukebox!